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Bangkok adventures erotic story

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When I was visiting Bangkok the capital city of Thailand, one of the most visited cities of the world, I already finished my escorting career, because I opened my personal business. However I told to my agency, if they had some good work for me, to feel free to call me all the time, because I want to visit new places.

At the beginning of April, my agency called me. They wanted to know if I was available for a travel meeting for 48 hours in Bangkok. First time I told them no way, because this was far away from my home, but the client insisted and he told me that he will pay double price, just because he wanted to spend the New Year with me.

“What?” this was my first question. My agency explained me they had other traditions. I was very much interested about this new tradition, so I accepted the deal.

My flight was planned on the 12th of April around midnight, and in this way, I arrived there in time for this event. A gentleman was waiting for me at the airport, he explained me that this time of the year, lot of tourists are visiting Bangkok, the city is full of beautiful girls, but I am the most beautiful from all. I smiled and asked him if his boss won’t be angry if he makes me such compliments. He told me he doesn’t care and he wants to fuck me right here, in his boss’s car. He was a nice guy, but I told him I cannot fuck with him, because business is business, but I can make him something else.

While he was driving me to his boss, I unzipped his zipper, and I started to play with his huge cock. I say huge, because he was top 10 on my overall list. At the beginning, I was rubbing his cock with my hand, and I was moaning, and playing with my pussy also. I could see on him that focusing on the driving was a very hard job, this was the reason we went very slow. When I saw on him he wanted more from me, I went down to taste his huge cock. I was still a kind of porn star escort, so I always offered the best for everyone. I started to suck his cock, while I was looking in his big brown eyes, and in just one minute, he exploded in my mouth. I always adored this thing, when my mouth is full of sperm.

When we arrived to my client’s place, both of us were smiling, my client introduced himself and started to say good things about his driver, that he is his best employee, shits like this. I started to laugh, but no one observed something suspicious. I am bad now, but in these 2 days, I didn’t care about Songkran, the festival, I only cared about my client, but at the same time, I was thinking only about my driver…

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